The Aliens Among Us (Book 2)

The Aliens Among Us (Book 2) continues the story of Steve Hamlet,
David Conway, and Andrew Holloway, three human Martians sent
to Earth to collect human female blood—a necessary ingredient for
creating an army of human men in Montigan.

In this second installment of the Aliens Among Us saga, Steve
utilizes his fame to become the head of the Presidential Advisory
Committee. Steve hopes his White House career will enable him
to change people’s perception of Martians and pave the way for
peaceful dialogue and perhaps allow travel to Mars.

Meanwhile, Steve, David, and Andrew have become fathers. When
Steve reports to his Martian superior the news about his son’s
uncommon muscle strength at birth, Mr. Thermon admits to Steve that
both human and Martian blood runs in his veins resulting in
his son’s unusual muscles strength—this is a shocking revelation to Steve and his friends who were led to believe their blood was entirely human.

David Conway is devastated when his wife, Linda, delivers a
Martian baby, but it is David’s affair with the president’s daughter,
Pamela, and her complicated pregnancy that threatens their lives on
Earth. When Pamela’s unborn Martian baby sends an ESP distress
signal to Mars, Martians embark a plan to abduct the Martian baby
from the mother’s womb.

The Aliens Among Us sequel is due out third quarter 2022